create personalized Meal plans in minutes

Improve customer engagement 

Increase customer retention

Empower your clients with meal plans


Why FoodScription?

Dietitians can create clinically relevant personalized Meal Plans and improve patient satisfaction.

What our Meal planning clinical study revealed?

Large Health Plan with 6+ outpatient

Both providers and patients requested for a recipe-based meal planning to simplify eating healthy

Testing this approach in the primary care setting and nutrition education programs for 6 months we learned it is too restrictive to be practical

People don’t follow a recipe for most meals

Missing ingredients derail a recipe-based plan

Life happens and recipe-based plans quickly become obsolete

Fine tuning a recipe-based plan is time consuming for the provider

Following and tracking a recipe-based plan is time consuming for a user


Food-group based meal plans are flexible, encourage Intuitive Eating, and follow the science.

We still recommend recipes and ingredients but they are available on demand


Giving the user control and assistance without the constraints 

Freeing the dietitian from the obligation to get too prescriptive

How foodscription helps dietitians?

Dietitians can create clinically relevant personalized Meal Plans and improve patient satisfaction.

create Food Group level meal plans

  • Create Meal plans that are based on Food Diet Exchanges
  • Leverage pre-built Food Diet Exchange based templates
  • Based on patient criteria
  • Create your own diet exchange based templates
  • Patient specific templates
  • Disease specific templates
  • Share templates within your practice or outside
  • Publish meal plans for a day, week or months in advance
  • Substitute ingredients for meal plans 

Recipe level meal plans

  • Incorporate Recipes into the meal plan
  • Create recipes based on patient preferences 
  • Share recipe based meal plans with other dietitians

Review patient meal plan entries

  • Review patient meal entries, portion sizes and servings
  • Create Diet recalls using patient meal entries with food photos
  • Create patient likes/dislikes lists and preferences using patient meal entries
  • Educate patients about their food habits and make modifications

Get patient meal plan summary insights

  • Review aggregate level patient reports
  • Diet recalls using food pictures, ingredients and portion sizes
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